Supply Chain Integration Service
The supply chain integration service of RUIAN SUNNYWORLD INTERNATINAL TRADE CO.,LTD. is means we have the management method that let the chain cost system be the minimized to connect the suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers and channel providers. And then organized them effectively to product manufacturing, transshipment, distribution and sales.
Our supply chain management includes、management establishment plan, having responsible for finding other suppliers in the system and supervising manufacturing and distribution.

This is a strategic part of the supply chain integration service. RUIAN SUNNYWORLD INTERNATINAL TRADE CO.,LTD. will found a strategy to manage all resources which can meet customers’ demand for the products. A good plan can help us give our customers the services with high quality and high figure effectively and with low cost through found a series of methods to monitor the supply chain.
RUIAN SUNNYWORLD INTERNATINAL TRADE CO.,LTD. will according to your demand and quoted price select the supplier that can provide goods and services for your products and services. We will establish a pricing, distribution and payment process with suppliers even create methodological monitoring and improved management. Then combine the management processes of goods and services provided by suppliers, which is including picking up the products, verifying the manifest, transferring the goods to your manufacturing department and approving the payment to the supplier, etc.
Arranging the activities which are required by suppliers to produce, test, package and prepare for delivering. It is the most monitored part of the supply chain, which is including supervision of quality levels, product yields and worker productivity.
Adjust the customer's order receipts, and then establish a warehouse network, let the delivery personnel to pick up the goods and deliver them to the customers. Found a goods pricing system.Finally, receive the payments.
RUIAN SUNNYWORLD INTERNATINAL TRADE CO.,LTD. not only a company to sale the products, but also to give a service which can meet the demands of customers and consumers. Let them feel happiness. Kotler said: "Customers are God. Without them, companies can't survive. Everything must be built around customer retention and customer satisfaction." RUIAN SUNNYWORLD INTERNATINAL TRADE CO.,LTD. can get the customers who are from both here and aboard, which cannot without our ability which can respond to customer demands quickly, agilely, flexibly and collaboratively.