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how to choose a digital thermometer?

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1. Visual inspection.

Digital thermometers are generally small and beautiful, with a smooth surface and no flaws. 

2. Power check.

Put the switch button in the through position, check whether the display mark is consistent with the instruction manual, disconnect the power supply and connect again to observe whether the correct mark is also displayed. If the power supply continuity test is performed multiple times, the correct mark display is the same and the displayed The temperature under the armpits is basically the same, indicating that the repeatability of the digital thermometer is good. If the display is abnormal (the temperature difference is too large), the battery of the digital thermometer is exhausted or the contact is poor.

3. Accuracy check.

Press the switch button and the "188.8" mark appears on the LCD. Place the thermometer under the tongue for 1 minute. When the "C" mark stops flashing and there is a beeping tone, the displayed reading is the body temperature, which is the oral body temperature. Repeat the test several times, the oral body temperature should be the same, if not the same, the table is not repeatable, can not be used, and does not need to do the accuracy check, if the oral body temperature is exactly the same, you can carry out the temperature measurement under the armpit, when " When the C" mark stops flashing and there is a beeping tone, the displayed reading is the armpit temperature. Similarly, after several measurements, the values ??of the armpit temperature are the same. Generally, the oral temperature is about 1 degree higher than the underarm temperature. If the tested oral temperature is too high or too low compared to the underarm temperature, the accuracy of the digital thermometer can be considered unsatisfactory.

4. If the thermometer is placed under the tongue for 1 minute and the "C" mark is still flashing, turn off the power of the thermometer for 5 minutes, then turn on the power and measure again. Under normal circumstances, after taking out the body temperature from the mouth, the display will not flash again. If it still flashes intermittently, there is a problem with this watch and it cannot be used.

5. is it a regular manufacturer, standard second-class medical equipment, there is no after-sales service, there is no phone address, and so on packaging information, you can also go to the relevant company's official website.


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