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Why Would Children Have High Blood Pressure?

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Why Would Children Have High Blood Pressure?

Since 1988, the prevalence of hypertension in children has gradually increased. About 3.5% of children and adolescents suffer from hypertension, while more and more children have not been diagnosed and treated.


Why Would Children Have High Blood Pressure?


Early detection is the key.

Hypertension in children is often asymptomatic, especially in infancy. With the increase of age, blood pressure can not be controlled, it can be manifested by symptoms of other organs, such as kidney, heart disease and so on. In other words, if children's hypertension is not diagnosed early, it may lead to organ damage or other health problems in adulthood, and it must be consciously screened and treated in time.



How to screen for hypertension in children?

Because blood pressure is affected by height, age and gender, it is difficult to assess and diagnose children's blood pressure. AAP and NHLBI suggest:

1. Children aged 3 and above should be screened for hypertension once a year.

2. For children with the following conditions, blood pressure should be measured when the child visits a doctor or has a health checkup : obesity, taking pressure boosting drugs, kidney disease, history of aortic stenosis or occlusion, diabetes, etc.

3. When the electronic manometry shows that the blood pressure is increased, it is strongly recommended to use auscultation to retest the blood pressure.

4. Conditions for the diagnosis of hypertension in children: under auscultation pressure, the average systolic and diastolic blood pressure at three or more times was greater than 95% of blood pressure in children of the same sex, age and height.

5. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) can be used to assist the diagnosis of the following cases: the blood pressure is at an elevated level for more than one year; it measured as stage I hypertension or suspected white coat hypertention during three visits.



What's the main causes of hypertension in children?

According to relevant reports, for children before the age of 7, more than 50% of hypertension is caused by obesity. After entering adolescence, the proportion of hypertension caused by obesity rises to 85% -95%. Although the report focuses on children in the United States, the proportion of obese children in China has gradually increased this year, so obesity is still a major cause that cannot be ignored.



How to treat hypertension in children?

1. If obesity is the possible cause, weight loss should first be performed under the supervision of a pediatrician.

2. Limit salt intake. In addition to reducing the amount of salt used in the preparation of food, pay attention to check the ingredients list when purchasing packaged food to control salt intake.

3. Help children to do more aerobic exercise and enhance cardiopulmonary function. AAP recommends 60 minutes of activity per day.

4. When lifestyle changes have no significant effect on blood pressure drop, or children have a history of diabetes, kidney disease, etc., consider short-term or long-term medication. In fact, less than 1% of children require long-term medication control.



In addition to the methods mentioned above, you also need a blood pressure monitor to check your child's blood pressure regularly and form the habit of measuring blood pressure regularly.


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