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What is tourniquet?

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The tourniquet is made of medical polymer natural rubber or special rubber. It is milky white, long and flat, and is packed in a point-and-stack type. It has strong flexibility and can be continuously extracted. Applicable to medical institutions in the routine treatment and treatment infusion, blood, blood transfusion, one-time use in hemostasis; or limb hemorrhage, emergency hemostasis when the snake bite in the wild.

disposable latex-free tourniquet SW-GT08

Tourniquet Technical Field

The utility model relates to a disposable tourniquet used in blood transfusion, infusion, blood drawing and hemostasis in medical treatment. The continuous smoking disposable tourniquet is characterized by low cost, low economic burden and convenient use, can reduce the labor intensity of medical care, improve work efficiency, and avoid cross infection of germs during treatment, the disposable tourniquet The implementation of this has added an ideal preventive measure to protect the health of medical staff and patients.

Tourniquet Technical Background

In the past, the hose type tourniquet used in domestic hospitals has common problems such as cross-use, repeated use, safe storage, non-sterilisation or disinfection, or disinfection of dark partitions, causing serious contamination of the tourniquet.

The specific performance is:

1. The pathogens picked up by the tourniquet are far beyond the "Hospital Disinfection Hygiene Standard" (GB15982-1995) 4.2.3. The total number of bacterial colonies in contact with skin should be ≤200cfu/g or 100cm2: pathogenic microorganisms must not The "required" and the detection of the conditional pathogens (reported in a large number of domestic literature).

2. The medical devices, utensils and articles that are in contact with skin and mucous membranes must meet the disinfection level as required by Article 12 of Chapter 3 of the Hospital Infection Management Measures (Decree No. 48 of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China); Operational procedures for invasive medical devices such as blood collection must be sterilized.

3. Studies have shown that flat tourniquets can better alleviate patient pain and improve puncture success rate than round tourniquets. Affected by internationalization, the application range of domestic one-time tourniquets will gradually shift from the use of military or field “emergency” hemostasis to “conventional” treatment of infusion, blood draw and hemostasis.

deluxe tourniquet SW-GT13

Tourniquet Types

At present, a single tourniquet is generally made of natural rubber, which is broad and flat. In the case of strips, the independent single package is mostly, the use of nursing staff is extremely inconvenient, the packaging must be dismantled before each use, and the use of high frequency results greatly reduces the work efficiency and is not willing to use. The latest lock-type continuous-type one-time tourniquet that has been put on the market is to put a plurality of tourniquets into a box, and each of the tourniquets is connected by a lock to achieve continuous extraction.


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