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What is nurse watch?

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A nurse watch (also known as a doctor's watch) is a watch or watch that is designed for the care of a caregiver or doctor. When the watch is used, the dial (dial) is hung upside down on the chest, and the nurse can see the time as long as he lowers his head.

smiling face Nurse watch SW-G05T

Nurse Watch Function

Pointer dial

Extra large dial

Clear second hand

Fluorescent coated luminous hands and scale

24-hour dial scale


heart-shaped nurse watch SW-G05KA

Professional Nurse Watch

The professional nurse watch features a special dial design that allows medical staff to measure the patient's pulse rate. This type of watch is also known as the “pulsometer”. The pulsometer has an extra pulse scale on the dial in addition to the usual time figures. When the second hand passes the position of zero seconds, the pulse starts at 15 seconds, and the position where the pointer stops can directly read the pulse frequency on the dial scale, without manual conversion.


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