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What if Astronaut Get Sick during Space Travel?

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What if Astronaut Get Sick during Space Travel?

When space travels to a certain time, there is a risk of illness and injury. Therefore, it is necessary for the International Space Station and spacecraft to stock a certain amount of medicines. Do you know what medical equipment will be on the International Space Station and Soyuz, and what medicines will be carried in the flight?

What if Astronaut Get Sick during Space Travel?



What are the characteristics of the International Space Station drug?

There are quite a few medicines on the International Space Station. Experts compiled a list of drug names based on a list of injuries and illnesses that could occur while the space station was stationed. The new spacecraft only flew to the International Space Station once every two or three months. If astronauts have urgently needed medicines, when they are on the ground, they need to match the medicines in the medicine box according to the quantity of medicines they may need.


The International Space Station has selected some commonly used drugs, which have been tested in clinical practice and are often used. In fact, the drugs that astronauts bring into space are more mature drugs in ground clinical applications.



Does the International Space Station have a thermometer?

As far as we know, there is no thermometer in the Russian medical kit. There is a thermometer on the Mir station. If there is no thermometer, the astronauts may also use other methods to measure body temperature. There is a temperature sensor in the Oran-MK space suit, which can be used to monitor the condition of the crew when the astronaut is wearing the space suit and entering open space.


For security reasons, mercury thermometers cannot be sent to the International Space Station. The space station's atmosphere is closed. If any aggressive chemicals or harmful substances are dropped, it will have an adverse impact on the astronauts ’health and lead to adverse consequences.



What specific backup medicines does the space station have?

Considering that the International Space Station has quite a lot of metal structures and angularly designed equipment, astronauts may encounter it when they are impacted, so they will be equipped with antibacterial agents for skin damage, plasters and bandages; The air conditioner has been running, artificially maintaining a small environment climate, but members of the crew often induce myositis, and prepared medicines and moist ointments in advance. There are also drugs used to solve gastrointestinal problems.


In addition, the increased dust on the International Space Station may also cause allergies and nasal congestion, so nasal drops can be used to relieve similar symptoms. Members of the crew also usually take multivitamins containing trace elements. In addition, medicines for regulating the heart, medicines for improving blood circulation, blood pressure monitor and first aid kit, etc.



The above interview content comes from Alexei Vasilyevich Polyakov, the head of the Department of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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