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What are the Risks of Picking Ears?

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What are the Risks of Picking Ears?

The recent situation of a British man has drawn the attention of the British National Medical System (NHS) and reminded everyone not to develop a bad habit of picking their ears with cotton swabs. The man developed left ear pain and headaches five years ago. Upon examination by the doctor, he had developed necrotizing external otitis. The root cause is a handful of cotton. The reason was that he had the habit of cleaning the ear canal with a cotton swab after bathing, but never thought of such a consequence. Beware of the risk of picking your ears.



What are the Risks of Picking Ears?

Ear extraction is a common cause of external auditory canalitis

External otitis is a very common disease in otolaryngology. Clinically common is acute diffuse external auditory canalitis, which is mainly caused by bacterial infections, manifested as a burning sensation in the ear, pain, and the secretion can progress from less to more, from thin to dense with the development of the disease. If there is no formal and effective treatment in the acute stage, it may become prolonged and become chronic external auditory canalitis.


In addition to bacteria that can cause external auditory canalitis, some external auditory canalitis are caused by fungi, known as fungal external auditory canalitis, which are mainly manifested by itchy ears and damp ears. Clinically, external ear canalitis is mostly caused by bad ear-harvesting habits, because ear-earning is very likely to damage the skin inside the ear, which is prone to bacterial infections and trigger inflammation. In addition, residual water in the ears after swimming, bathing, or shampooing, which changes the environment in the ears, is also one of the more common causes of external auditory canalitis.



Treatment of external auditory canalitis

The doctor reminds you to seek medical treatment if ear pain occurs. If an external auditory canal is diagnosed, it usually recovers quickly through treatment. The ear otoscope plays an important role in the initial inspection.In terms of treatment methods, general external auditory canalitis is treated with topical anti-inflammatory drops. Severely requires antibiotics to be administered systemically, and painkillers to patients with severe pain. And if special necrotizing external auditory canalitis occurs, then timely systemic antibiotics and other complications and control of complications are needed, and if necessary, surgical treatment is needed to remove the necrotic lesions in time.


Bacterial external ear canalitis usually can be cured after 1 to 2 weeks of treatment; however, fungal external ear canalitis is easy to repeat, the treatment time is relatively long, and patients need to have good compliance with the standard treatment.



What to do if water gets into your ears

When we take a bath or swim, we may encounter water in our ears. So what should we do? The doctor said that "digging with a cotton swab or paper into your ear" is not advisable. The correct way is: pour out the water, for example, if the left ear is getting water, then tilt your head to the left, and jump gently to let the water flow out. Or you can put a cotton swab on the ear canal and pour it out, and don't stick the cotton swab into your ear.



Don't develop the habit of picking your own ears, go to the hospital in time if there is a problem, and let the professional otolaryngologist treat the symptom, which can avoid many unnecessary troubles. Ear endoscope can help you a lot.


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