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Trauma & Nursing Manikin,Full-Body Adult Nursing and Trauma Manikin

Full-Body Adult – Nursing and Trauma Manikin is ideal for simulation training for a variety of trauma as well as nursing procedures and tasks.
.Medical and nursing training facilities
.Emergency medicine training facilities
.Healthcare training facilities
.Medical simulation labs
.Training institutions offering refresher courses to qualified medical/nursing professionals
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Product Name

Full-Body Adult Nursing and Trauma Manikin


Suitable for the following simulation training:

1. General nursing tasks: Hair and face washing, sponge bathing, replacing clothes, repositioning/turning patients in bed, etc.

2. Eye and ear washing and administering eye/ear drops

3. Oral cavity hygiene and care

4. Endotracheal intubation

5. Tracheotomy care

6. Suctioning of oral secretions

7. Ventilation (Inflatable lungs)

8. Feeding with a nasal/oral feeding tube

9. Gastro-lavage

10. Ostomy care

11. Phlebotomy and IV Skills

12. Intramuscular injections (Deltoid, Gluteus and Vastus lateralis)

13. Subcutaneous injections

14. Lumbar puncture

15. Female urethral catheterization and bladder irrigation

16. Male urethral catheterization and bladder irrigation

17. Enema


1. Chest wall

2. Abdominal wall

3. Abdominal wound with small intestine evisceration

4. Thigh and legs

5. Shoulder and arms

6. Infective ulcer care (leg)

7. Upper arm amputation and wound care

8. Below knee amputation and wound care

9. Foot gangrene and various toe wound

10. Facial wounds

11. Various burn injuries (face/extremities) 1, 2, 3 degree

12. Various fractures (Femur, tibia, clavicle, humerus, and hand)

13. Gunshot injury hand

14. Amputation stump of the upper arm

15. Amputation stump of a leg


Trauma evaluation and care of the trauma patient

A large variety of simulation injuries

Simulation training on the management of lacerations and how to care for a large number of wounds in the following parts of the body:

Adult Trauma Manikin



Packaging Details

1.Neutral bleached paper carton .
2.Double corrugated boxes.
3.Foam packaging , belt on the carton ,rainproof ,Crack control.
Multifunctional intramuscular injection exercise pad


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