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Should High Blood Pressure People Take Pills Everyday?

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Should High Blood Pressure People Take Pills Everyday?

Should High Blood Pressure People Take Pills Everyday?

1. The dangers of hypertension:

Hypertension can be described as an "invisible killer". Its real harm mainly comes from the chronic damage of blood vessels and organs (such as heart, brain, kidney, eyes, etc.) caused by higher blood pressure. The causes of hypertension are diverse. Except for a few special types of hypertension, there is no way to completely cure the common primary hypertension. But as mentioned above, the main harm of high blood pressure is caused by high blood pressure. If the blood pressure can be effectively controlled in the normal range, the damage of high blood pressure on the body can be avoided. Otherwise, long-term hypertension will cause organ damage such as heart failure, cerebral hemorrhage, kidney disease, renal failure, blurred vision and even blindness. If you want to know if your blood pressure is high, you can measure it with a blood pressure monitor.



2. Should hypertensive patients always take medicine?

Many friends feel that they have to take medicine all the time when they have high blood pressure, so “the second half of life is inseparable from medicine” is terrible, so they have a resistance and do not want to take medicine or stop eating. This is very dangerous. If you want to stop taking medicine, you must talk to your doctor to see if other measures, such as diet and exercise, can control blood pressure, and then make a decision based on the situation.


But in fact, blood pressure is not constant all day, nor is it effective to take antihypertensive drugs at any time. If these peaks cannot be controlled, hypertension will be a huge test for patients' blood vessels and organs. Especially in patients with hypertension that has damaged the arteries, a little carelessness may result in the rupture of a weak blood vessel. The rupture of the cerebral blood vessels may only cause a brief dizziness or headache, or it may lead to severe coma or even death. Therefore, for patients with hypertension, it is important to control blood pressure according to the biological clock.


3. The dangers of hypertension patients forgetting to take a medicine

A hypertensive patient who does not take a meal will increase his risk of cardio-cerebral vascular accidents while he is not taking the medication. Therefore, the patient needs to do his best to not "forget to eat."


However, do not increase the dose when taking the medicine again. The damage of hypertension to the human body is the result of accumulation over time, not overnight. Occasionally forget to take the medicine during the period when the blood pressure is stable, then the blood pressure of the day is not well controlled. What is to be done now is to stabilize the blood pressure in the future. After the plateau, the medicine still needs to be taken in the previous amount.


Therefore, patients with hypertension should do their best not to forget to take the medicine on time. A simple and effective way is to use a smart timing pill box. This kind of pill box is convenient to carry and can remind patients to take medicine regularly. With this small medicine box, patients do not have to worry too much about forgetting to take medicine.


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