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Product Encyclopedia

  • 09-27
    How to use nurse watch?

    Always wear the crown to normal when wearing the nurse watch. If the watch has a screw-lock crown, be sure to fully tighten the crown. Do not operate the crown when the hand is wet to prevent the nurse from entering the water and impairing the waterproof function. Read More »

  • 09-27
    What is nurse watch?

    A nurse watch (also known as a doctor's watch) is a watch or watch that is designed for the care of a caregiver or doctor. When the watch is used, the dial (dial) is hung upside down on the chest, and the nurse can see the time as long as he lowers his head. Read More »

  • 09-27
    How to choose a better otoscope?

    When selecting an otoscope you most definitely need to consider:size, functions, power source, bulb type, light source, reusable or disposable specula, purchase price. Read More »

  • 09-21
    How to Use an Otoscope?

    The Physician uses a specialized instrument called an “otoscope” (“oto” = Ear; and “scope” = to view) to examine an ear. The otoscope allows the physician to not only magnify the small areas of the ear but it also provides light for the areas that are to be viewed. Even though the otoscope is traditionally a tool of a physician, one does not have to be a physician to be able to use this instrument. However, it must be emphasized that you cannot simply “pick up” an otoscope or any other technical instrument and use it beneficially. The correct use of such an instrument requires, at least, some basic instruction in its use and function. Read More »

  • 09-21
    What is otoscope?

    An otoscope is a medical device used by a doctor to examine the ear. The otoscope magnifies the inside of the ear to detect problems or symptoms with the outer and middle ears, such as swimmers ear, earwax build-up, or otitis media. The most commonly used otoscopes consist of a handle and a head. Read More »

  • 09-11
    How to choose a sphygmomanometer?

    When people pay more and more attention to their health, sphygmomanometers are indispensable when there are elderly or hypertensive patients in the family. So how do you buy a suitable sphygmomanometer? The following is the relevant electronic sphygmomanometer purchase knowledge Read More »

  • 09-10
    What is pulse oximeter?

    A pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood of a patient's arteries. Read More »

  • 09-07
    How to wear a stethoscope correctly?

    The stethoscope is designed to meet the ear canal angle of the patented ergonomic ear tube and the ear sinus. It fits snugly into the ear canal of the listener and does not leave you feeling tired and uncomfortable. Read More »

  • 09-06
    how to choose a digital thermometer?

    how to choose a digital thermometer?Including visual inspection,power check,accuracy check and so on. Read More »

  • 09-05
    How to Use A Digital Thermometer

    How to use a digital thermometer correctly?Learn more about digital thermometer operation guide and measurement methods. Read More »

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