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  • Stethoscope is the most commonly used diagnostic tool for internal and external women and children physicians. It is the symbol of physicians. Modern medicine begins with the invention of stethoscope. Stethoscope has been continuously improved since its application in clinical practice on March 8, 1817, but its basic structure has not changed much. It mainly consists of the pickup part (chest piece), the conductive part (hose) and the listening part. (earpieces) composition.


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  • The stethoscope is designed to meet the ear canal angle of the patented ergonomic ear tube and the ear sinus. It fits snugly into the ear canal of the listener and does not leave you feeling tired and uncomfortable.


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  • In the past, there was really no difference in the auscultation effect of stethoscopes. Nowadays, there are many kinds of stethoscopes. Different grades of stethoscopes are not very different when listening to normal sounds, but there is a world of difference when listening to noise. In general, the higher the quality of the stethoscope, the stronger the ability to discriminate the noise, and the longer it takes to use. A clinician should always have at least one pair of better quality stethoscopes.


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  • This article mainly introduces what the medical stethoscope can hear.


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  • This article mainly introduces the origin of the stethoscope.


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  • This article is mainly about preparations before feeding a child, the correct way to feed your child medicines, and behaviors to avoid when feeding a child.


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  • This article is main to introduce some products, which are needed for nurses when they are working.


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  • The Physician uses a specialized instrument called an “otoscope” (“oto” = Ear; and “scope” = to view) to examine an ear.


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  • The article is mainly about whether high blood pressure people should take pills everyday and the dangers of hypertension patients forgetting to take a medicine.


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  • The article is about the harm of improper medication and some suggestion about how to take medicine properly.


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