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How to wear a stethoscope correctly?

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How to wear a stethoscope correctly?

The stethoscope is designed to meet the ear canal angle of the patented ergonomic ear tube and the ear sinus. It fits snugly into the ear canal of the listener and does not leave you feeling tired and uncomfortable. Before putting the ear tube on, please pull the ear tube of the stethoscope outward (see Figure A); the metal ear tube should be tilted forward, and the ear tube should be worn into your external auditory canal so that the ear sinus is tightly closed with your ear canal (see Figure B); each person's ear canal is not the same size, you can choose the appropriate size of the ear sinus. If the wearing method is correct, but the ear sinus and ear canal are not well adhered, and the auscultation effect is not good, please pull the ear tube to adjust its elasticity. Improper wearing method, when the ear sinus and the ear canal are not close together, will result in poor auscultation. For example, when the ear tube is worn, it will be completely inaudible.

Remove Debris

If the stethoscope is kept in a pocket or is not regularly maintained, the cotton wool, fibers, or dust from the clothing may block the stethoscope ear tube. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent this from happening.

Check Tightness

The high-quality sound transmission of the stethoscope is related to the tightness between the stethoscope and the patient's body surface and the stethoscope to the ear canal of the listener. Loose parts of the head, loose Y tube, and damaged Y tube will affect the tightness. The better the fit, the more accurately the sound in the patient's body can be transmitted to the listener's ear. So always check the status of the stethoscope.

Double-Sided Stethoscope

When using a double-headed stethoscope, the user needs to switch the clock face or membrane mode of the head to use. When using the membrane surface, the clock face will be closed to avoid interference. vice versa.


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