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How to use digital blood pressure monitor?

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When you buy a digital blood pressure monitor, how to use it?

★ Sit for a few minutes, put your arms into the armband and bind

★ Exposed with bare arms or only in thin clothes;

★ The center of the armband is at the same height of the heart;

★ The arm band is moderately tied so that one finger can fit in;

★ Below the arm band is 1-2cm from the elbow joint;

★ Press the user button to start measuring automatically

★ When the measurement is done, the palm is relaxed and the palm is up;

★ Keep calm during the measurement process and relax your body;

★ Do not talk and move your body during the measurement process;

★ The result shows that manual shutdown or automatic shutdown

★ After the measurement is completed, the blood pressure value and the pulse value are displayed;

★ If there are special circumstances, there will be a heartbeat prompt;

★ The data is automatically uploaded to the Boumi Health Management Platform;

★ After the measurement is completed, press any key to shut down;

★ If you forget to turn off the phone, the sphygmomanometer will automatically shut down in 60s;


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