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How to choose a sphygmomanometer?

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When people pay more and more attention to their health, sphygmomanometers are indispensable when there are elderly or hypertensive patients in the family. So how do you buy a suitable sphygmomanometer? The following is the relevant electronic sphygmomanometer purchase knowledge:

1. Choose a mercury sphygmomanometer or an electronic sphygmomanometer?

A professional doctors, of course, can choose mercury sphygmomanometer, because the mercury sphygmomanometer measurement accuracy and stability is higher, the user's technical requirements are higher. If the technique is not in place and the operation is not proper, it is easy to make an error in the measured blood pressure.

B ordinary people, choose an electronic blood pressure monitor. The electronic sphygmomanometer is easy to use and easy to measure.

2. Does the electronic sphygmomanometer choose arm or wrist?

When purchasing a sphygmomanometer, consider the situation of the user. 

A Ordinary people, both arm or wrist, can be easily measured by wrist. 

B Most middle-aged and elderly people (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, etc.) use the arm type, for those patients with high blood viscosity and poor microcirculation, compared with the results measured by mercury column sphygmomanometer, wrist The blood pressure measurement of the finger will have a large error. National high blood pressure guidelines consistently recommend an upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor certified to international standards.

3. Measurement method Is automatic pressure or semi-automatic pressure selected?

Before buying a sphygmomanometer, consider whether you can control the semi-automatic pressurization method. 1 Fully automatic machine Press the button to automatically pressurize. Fully automatic is to automatically control the incoming air volume. 2 Semi-automatic is manual pressurization (pressing the rubber ball by hand), the manual is more troublesome, mainly because the air intake is not well controlled, and the pulse rate of the test is not accurate.

4. Do you need to purchase a memory function?

When buying a sphygmomanometer, ask if there is a memory function. The memory function of the sphygmomanometer is to store the blood pressure record (high voltage, low pressure, pulse, etc.) of the measured person in the machine, so that the measured person who uses it for a long time knows the blood pressure value of himself for a period of time, which is a Not a nice feature. Memory functions are generally divided into: single-group memory and multiple-group memory functions; with date and time function and without date and time function.

5. The model and function of the sphygmomanometer, how to choose the right one?

When purchasing a sphygmomanometer, please refer to other opinions. You can choose the electronic sphygmomanometer you need from the function comparison table of various models of sphygmomanometers. You can also see what type of sphygmomanometers people have bought from the sphygmomanometer sales list to decide which model to buy. Everyone's wisdom is smarter than a single individual.

6. After-sales service and warranty

When buying a sphygmomanometer, ask if there is any after-sales service. It is best to choose a brand with after-sales service, so that it is convenient for future repair consultations, etc.


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