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How to Use Tourniquets in the Orthopedic Surgery?

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How to Use Tourniquets in the Orthopedic Surgery?

Tourniquet hemostasis is a simple and effective hemostasis method for first aid for extremity bleeding. It stops blood flow by compressing blood vessels to achieve hemostasis. However, if used improperly or for an extended period of time, the tourniquet can cause distal limb ischemia, necrosis, and disability. How to use tourniquet correctly is very important. Below we mainly analyze the use of tourniquets in orthopedic surgery.


How to Use Tourniquets in the Orthopedic Surgery?

The correct use of tourniquet

1. Check the tourniquet before surgery, such as whether the air bag is leaking, whether the pump is easy to use, and whether the barometer is accurate.


2. Select the appropriate pneumatic tourniquet according to the patient's age, limb circumference, patient's physique and other factors. The tourniquet should be tied to the richer part of the limb muscles to prevent nerve damage. Upper limbs should be placed in the upper third of the upper arm, lower limbs should be placed in the thigh near the groin.


3. When tying the tourniquet, place a cloth under the tourniquet and keep the skin-contacting surface flat. The tourniquet should be tightly tightened, and the ventilation tube should be placed on the proximal end of the limb to prevent contamination of the surgical field and facilitate pumping.


4. Lift the extremity before the tourniquet is inflated. After the tourniquet has been completely expelled, connect the tourniquet's ventilation tube to the pressure gauge and slowly push the gas into the tourniquet. Accurately record the pneumatic tourniquet inflation time, the upper limb is 1h, the lower limb is limited to 1.5h, when the time is up, the surgeon must be notified in advance to prepare for deflation.


5. When loosening the tourniquet, deflate slowly to avoid shock caused by a sharp drop in blood pressure. After removing the tourniquet after the operation, check the patient's skin for damage, and massage for a few minutes if necessary.



Misunderstanding of the tourniquet

In order to reduce bleeding, sterilized tourniquets are often required to reduce bleeding in humerus and lower and upper femurs. They are strapped on the operating table by the surgeon. As a result, the tightness of the tourniquet is not guaranteed, and the inflation volume cannot be determined, causing bleeding and even skin Complications such as necrosis and nerve palsy.


Under the operation foreground, the banding is too loose or the pressure is insufficient, and the bleeding is too much; the banding is too tight or the pressure is too high, which is prone to complications; the sterile towel wrapped around the limbs before the banding is not laid flat, which makes the force uneven and prone to blisters.



Precautions on tourniquets

1. Before using the tourniquet, carefully check for leaks and whether the hemostat is flexible and practical. Otherwise, replace it in time.


2. Before binding the tourniquet, wrap the limbs with gauze or sterile towels to protect the limbs and flatten them to prevent uneven force, which may cause blisters or blood stasis.


3. The sterile tourniquet can be strapped by the hand-washing nurse on the operating table to assist the surgeon to ensure proper tightness.


4. Strictly grasp the use time limit of tourniquet, the first use of single limb should not exceed 90min, the second use should not exceed 60min, and the interval between 2 times is 5 ~ 10min.



The use of tourniquets needs to be taken seriously enough, and even the smallest details must be treated with caution, just as we are in the development and production of medical devices, we focus on quality and are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products.


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