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How to Use Pulse Oximeter Safely? -Warnings

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Instructions for the Safe Operation and Use of the Finger Pulse Oximeter

-Do not attempt to service the pulse oximeter. Only qualified service personnel should attempt and needed internal servicing.

-Prolonged use or the patient's condition may require changing the sensor site periodically. Change sensor site and correct alignment at least every 2 hours.

-Sp02 measurements may be adversely affected in the presence of high ambient light. Shield the sensor area (with a surgical towel, or direct sunlight, for example ) if necessary.

-The following reasons will cause interference:

√ High-frequency electrosurgical

√ Placement of a sensor on an extremity with a blood pressure cuff arterial catheter, or intravascular line.

√ The patient has hypotension severe vasocontriction severe anemia or hypothermia.

√ The patient is in cardiac arrest or is in shoe.

√ Fingernail polish or false fingernails may cause inaccurate Sp02 readings.


WARNING: EXPLOSION HAZARD --Do not use the oximeter in a flammable atmosphere where concentrations of flammable anesthetics orother materials may occur.

WARNING: Do not throw batteries in fire as this may causes them to explode.

WARNING: Do not attempt to recharge normal dry-cell batteries, they may leak. And may cause a fire or even explode.

WARNING: Do not use the pulse oximeter in an MRI or CT environment.

CAUTION:  Keep the operating environment free of dust, vibrations, corrosive, or flammable materials, and extremes of temperature and humidity.

CAUTION:  The battery must be taken out from the battery compartment if the device will not be used for a long time.

CAUTION:  Do not operate the unit if it is damp or wet because of condensation or spills. Avoid using the equipment immediately after moving it from a cold environment to a warm, humid location.

CAUTION:  Never use sharp or pointed objects to operate the front-panel key.

CAUTION:  The device shall only be used if the battery cover is closed.

CAUTION:  The battery must be proper disposed according to local's regulation after their use.


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