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How to Use Ear Thermometer?

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How to Use Ear Thermometer?

Children can't avoid getting sick and having a fever, and measuring body temperature has become a necessary skill for parents. Measuring body temperature may seem like a trivial matter, but it's actually quite important. For example, what is the normal temperature of each location, how to choose a thermometer, how to accurately measure body temperature, and so on. Today, we mainly introduce how to use the ear thermometer.



How to Use Ear Thermometer?

Body temperature standard

Body temperature measurement generally includes: axillary temperature, ear temperature, anal temperature, mouth temperature, the most commonly used are axillary temperature and ear temperature.

Fever standard:

Anal temperature, ear temperature, forehead temperature: 38 ℃ or above

Mouth temperature: 37.8 ℃ or above

Armpit temperature: 37.2 ℃ or above



How to take a temperature with an ear thermometer

Some people say: Why is the temperature measured by the ear thermometer not accurate? Before explaining the principle of the ear thermometer, let us first understand the external structure of the human ear. The human ear canal to the eardrum is a curved tube, ear thermometers measure body temperature based on infrared heat waves released by the eardrum. The probe and the eardrum must be on the same horizontal line to measure accurately. Therefore, if you insert the probe directly into the ear to measure the temperature of the ear canal instead of the eardrum, you will get inaccurate body temperature.



The precautions of using ear thermometer

1. Ensure correct posture

 When using an ear thermometer, the child's auricle should be properly pulled to ensure that the ear canal is aligned. It should be noted that the ear thermometer is not accurate for children under 6 months.


2. Earwax can cause trouble

Earwax is a secretion of the sacral glands of the external auditory canal that inhibits bacterial growth. If the ear canal is blocked due to inflammation or other reasons, the ear thermometer will not be accurate. Seek treatment from a doctor or you may push ear wax deeper and cause an infection.


3. Pay attention to wrong fever

Your child's temperature may rise slightly after taking a bath, eating milk, crying, or exercising. In addition, when the child just woke up, the ear temperature on the side may be high. Therefore, the temperature measurement should avoid these periods.


4. The environment will affect body temperature

 The temperature of the air will also affect the measurement results. When measuring ear temperature in cold winter and hot summer, if you have just been outdoors, at least 15 minutes later and then take the measurement.


5. Avoid continuous measurement

The interval between two measurements must be more than 1 minute. Human hands have temperature, and frequent and continuous measurement will affect the accuracy of measurement results. Excessive measurement will make parents more anxious and children will start to resist taking temperature.


6. Determine one ear measurement

Under normal circumstances, there may be some differences in the temperature of the left and right ears, so it is best to determine one ear for measurement. New or clean earmuffs are required for each measurement to avoid cross-infection. At the same time, pay attention to protect the probe. After use, clean the probe lens with a cotton swab or a soft cloth moistened with water, and then put on new earmuffs after drying.



The ear thermometer is simple and safe to use, and it is a reliable baby temperature measurement tool. However, you must pay attention to the use of the ear thermometer and the preparation before measurement, so that you can measure the temperature more accurately.


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