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How to Help Babies Take Pills?

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How to Help Babies Take Pills?

How to Help Babies Take Pills?


1. Preparations Before Feeding

Choose the Right Drug Form

At present, children's drugs are mostly liquid or granules. In addition, there are drops, suspensions, chewable tablets, effervescent tablets, etc., which are very convenient for children to take.


Try to choose these dosage forms that your child can accept. Do not choose the dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.


Read The Manual

Before preparing to give your child medicine, remember to check the instructions carefully to check the drug name, drug dosage, instructions for use, whether there are contraindications, and whether it is within the shelf life. After confirming that it is correct, start feeding.


Preparing The Feeding Tool

Use a dropper to feed your child a small amount of liquid medication; use a measuring cup to feed your child a controlled amount of liquid medication. Plastic injection syringes can be used when your child is uncooperative, but remember to remove the needle.You can also use feeders, which are easy feeding, not easy to leak, not easy to hurt the baby's mouth, and controlled dose feeders, such as syringe, pacifier and dropper. If the tools are not available at home, use a small teaspoon.


Master the right time to take medicine

If the manual says "Eat 3 times a day", it means that there is no strict limit on the interval, you just need to control the average interval of taking medicine as much as possible according to your child's life. But if it is "Eat every 8 hours", it must be strictly observed, and it cannot be simply understood as one each in the morning, middle and evening.


Taking medicine before meals means taking 15 ~ 30 minutes before meals. Taking medicine during meals means taking it with the meal. Taking medicine after a meal means taking medicine half an hour after eating. Fasting means taking medicine 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.


Parents should better prepare a cute pill box for their children. Because small pill box is easy to carry anywhere. In modern time, parents always be busy, a pill box can help parents not to forget the tight time to take medicine.



2. The Correct Way to Feed Your Child Medicines

Choose The Right Posture

It is best for the child to take a semi-recumbent or semi-sitting position when taking medicine. Parents gently hold their children's limbs and fix their heads, which is not easy to cause drug leakage, and it is not easy for children to cough.


Setting Up a Reward Mechanism

For older children, after the child has successfully finished the medicine, they can give the child a small piece of sugar, which can both cover up the taste of the medicine and can also be used as a reward. In addition, verbal praise should be given to children to reduce their rejection of medication



3. Behaviors to Avoid When Feeding a Child.

Don't Hesitate

Parents should be firm and not hesitant to take medicine. If the adult is not sure whether to take the medicine, it will be more difficult for the child to take the medicine because he knows that there are other options.


Don't Force Your Child to Take Medicine

Some parents are afraid that the child will spit out the medicine, resulting in affecting the effectiveness of the medicine. Sometimes they will take some methods to force the child to eat. For example, forcibly pressing the child, pouting, pinching their nose and so on.


This will not only make it easier to hold the child, but also make the child more and more resistant to taking medicine.


Do Not Give Medicine While Your Child Is Talking or Crying

Although it is easier to give medicines when these children are not attentive, at the same time, it is also easy to cause the children to inhale the medicine into the intake pipe when they inhale.


Do not crush tablets

Unless it is clearly stated in the instructions that it can be crushed, it is generally not recommended to crush medicine. Such as control tablets, sustained release tablets, enteric-coated tablets and other drugs. Because this will destroy the protective effect of the outer membrane of the drug and affect the effectiveness of the drug.


Don't Cheat Children

This principle applies to older children.


Parents should better tell their children in advance that medicine will be a bit bitter and give them time to prepare instead of fooling them this is sugar, then put the medicine in their mouths  suddenly when they open their mouths, because this will bring a very big psychological effect on their children. Injury will increase children's rejection of medication.


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