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How to Choose the Best Medical Penlight?

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Any medical professional needs a reliable and well-made penlight. It should be bright enough to allow for sight, but not so bright that it blinds; it should also be durable, yet still very portable, and, of course, it must be affordable. If you are in the market for a new medical penlight, you definitely need to consider many factors to choose the best one. 

digital economy aluminum penlight SW-PL49


The size of medical penlight should be very small and it should be in a good size.As medical penlight is an examination tool which Doctors carry everywhere it should be portable and comfortable to hold. Usually, medical penlights weigh very less which makes it highly portable and easy to use.


Low Lumen setting is an option in well designed medical penlights which reduces the beam of light according to the range of setting.It is the main feature in a medical penlight because high light can effect Patient's vision and make him blind. So, the low setting makes it easy to deal with and the patient will be safe.


Most of the medical penlights are powered by batteries. Make sure the life span of the battery is good to make the penlight works for a long time. 


The lifespan of the medical penlights is based on the type of material used, kind of battery, brand of the penlight and design of the penlight.Medical penlights made up of high-quality materials can last for a long time without any breakage. Medical penlights with good life span can work for a lifetime and serves all your needs well.


The design of the medical penlight should be compatible and versatile. The lens should be pre focused, well placed and must work perfectly. As medical penlights serve the needs in medical terms, it should be designed in a professional way. Nowadays, many medical penlights are designed with LED technology in which the light beam focuses correctly on to the targeted region and makes it easy to diagnose.


As Doctors and medical professionals need to go to emergency medical situations in outdoors, a medical penlight should be weather resistant and should be resistant to cold and hot temperatures.


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