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Don’t make this mistakes while taking pills

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Dont make this mistakes while taking pills otherwise you may loose your live

Don’t make this mistakes while taking pills otherwise you may loose your live

Harm of Improper Medication

Taking medicine is actually an international issue. If you use it right, it can cure diseases and save lives, but if you use it wrong, it is more prone to disease and even fatal. Data shows that one-third of the world's deaths each year are related to irrational medication.


1. Many medicines have a bad taste, especially traditional Chinese medicine, and many people pinch their noses for medicine, especially some children. In fact, taking the medicine in this way can easily cause the drug or leech to enter the air duct and bronchus, which may cause cough in some cases, aspiration pneumonia in some cases, or even suffocation.


2. The medicine contains various ingredients. Taking tea, milk and other beverages to deliver the medicine may cause chemical reactions with the medicine, reduce the efficacy, and even produce adverse irritation, allergic reactions, etc.


3.Take grapefruit and lemon carefully while taking the medicine. Although the fruits such as lemon, grapefruit and grapefruit are good, they must not be eaten freely during the medication, nor can they be served with fruit juice, because some of their ingredients will disrupt the normal work of the enzymes in the body and cause adverse reactions with 85 drugs. As a result, the blood concentration is too high, and a drug poisoning reaction occurs.



How to take medicine properly?

Ordinary tablets 

Ordinary tablets should be taken with warm water. Because warm water can help you swallow the tablets more smoothly. Drinking plenty of water can prevent the drug from attaching to the esophagus, causing irritation and injury. In order to avoid affecting the effectiveness of the medicine, remember not to take pills with milk, juice, tea, etc.


Buccal tablets

Do not rush to swallow before taking the tablets. Ordinary buccal pills are meant to be "slow"-let the effects of the medicine take effect slowly. However, in some emergency situations, or when pills need to take effect as soon as possible, there are special uses.


Chewable tablets

Chewable tablets should be chewed thoroughly before swallowing. There are two benefits to chewing a chewable tablet. One is to grind the medicine to promote drug absorption; the other is to make people who take medicine happier and take medicine more smoothly.


Take the capsule shell with the capsule, because the role of the outer capsule shell is to let the drug reach the back of the intestine and then release it, or to let the drug release slowly and play a role. Once the capsule is taken apart, these effects are gone.


It is important to take your medicine on time. However, many people, especially the elderly, who need to take the medicine daily, often forget to take it for some reason, or miss the right time to take it. Missing the time to take the medicine is not conducive to treatment, and may even cause worse consequences for the human body. It should be avoided as much as possible, and the regular medicine box is to remind the medicine to be taken on time. There are pill box and tablet box, you can sort the pills and tablets you need in pill box and tablet box separately and set a reminder time, then you can take your pill box and tablet box conveniently.


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