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China High Precision Voled Fingertip Oximeter Manufacturer

Display Type: OLED display
SP02 Measurement Range: 70%-100%
Accuracy +/-2% on the stage of 70% - 99%
Pulse Range Measurement Range: 25 – 250 BPM
Accuracy +/-1BPM or +/-1% (larger)
  • SW-FO50Z
  • SunnyWorld
voled fingertip oximeter SW-FO50Z

Display Type: OLED display

SP02 Measurement Range: 70%-100%

Accuracy +/-2% on the stage of 70% - 99%

Pulse Range Measurement Range: 25 – 250 BPM

Accuracy +/-1BPM or +/-1% (larger)

Power Requirement: Two AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries

-           Voltage range: 2.6 - 3.6V


Low Consumption: Less than 30mA

Measurement Accuracy: SpO2 Accuracy +/-2% on the stage of 70% - 99%

-           No definition of less than 70%

-           Pulse rate +/-1BPM or +/-1% (larger)

Measurement Performance in Low Perfusion Condition: The pulse wave is available without failure when the simulation pulse wave amplitude is at 6%


Anti-interference ability of ambient light: Natural light in indoor lighting and the existing oxygen measurements under dark conditions with the measured values compared to less than 1%.


The product will automatically be powered off when no signal is in the product for longer than 8 seconds.


Dimension Length: 58 mm, Width: 32mm

-           Weight: 54g (including two AAA batteries)


Environment Requirements: Operation Temperature: 40° F - 104°F

                                                Storage Temperature: 50° F - 104°F


Possible reason


SpO2% or pulse rate can not be shown normally

1. Finger is not plugged correctly

2. Patient’s SpO2value is too low to be measured

1.Retry by plugging the finger

2. There is excessive illumination

3. Measure more times, If you can make sure about no problem existing in the product. Please go to a hospital timely for exact diagnosis

SpO2% or pulse rate is shown unstably

1. Finger might not be plugged deep enough

2. Excessive patient movement

1. Retry by plugging the finger

2. Be calmness.

The Monitor can not be powered on

1.No battery or low power of battery

2.Battery might be installed incorrectly

3. The Monitor might be damaged

1. Please replace battery

2. Please reinstall the battery

3. Please contact with local customer service centre

Indication is suddenly off

1.The Oximeter is automatically powered off  when no signal is detected longer than 8 seconds

2. The batteries power is too low to work


1. Normal


2. Replace the battery

“Error3”  or  “Error4” Displayed on screen

1. Err 3 means the red emission LED is damaged.

2. Err 4 means the infra-red emission LED is damaged.

1. Check the red emission LED

2. Check the infra-red emission LED

“Error 6”

Err 6 means the crystal is failure

Change the crystal

“Error7” displayed on screen

Err 7 means all the emission LED or reception dioxide is damaged.

Check the emission LED and reception dioxide.

Guidance and Manufacture’s declaration  - electromagnetic emission

Guidance and Manufacture’s declaration – electromagnetic environment specified below. The customer of the user of the Pulse Oximeter should assure that it is used in such and environment.

Emission test


Electromagnetic Environment – guidance

RF emissions CISPR 11

Group 1

The pulse Oximeter uses RF energy only for very low and is not likely to cause interference in nearby electronic equipment.

RF emissions CISPR 11

Class B

The pulse Oximeter is suitable for use in all establishments, incluing domestic establishments and those directly connected to the public low-voltage power supply network that supplies buildings used for domestic purposes.

Harmonic emissions

IEC 61000-3-2

Not Applicable

Voltage fluctuations/ flicker emissions

IEC 61000-3-2

Not Applicable


Loading Port: ShangHai, China 

Sample Delivery: 3~5days

Mass Production Delivery: 7 -25days after order confirmed

1)EMS: around 10~15 working days                                               

2)DHL: around 2~4 working days                                               

3)FEDEX: around 4~7 working days                                                

4)UPS/TNT: around 3~6 working days                                                

5)AIR: around 3~7 working days                                                

6)SEA: around 7~35 working days

RUIAN SUNNYWORLD INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMPANY and SUNNYWORLD MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD. have an abundance of manufacturing experience and professional staff and management systems.  We have become one of the leading suppliers of blood pressure monitors,stethoscopes,penlights, diagnostic hammers etc. in China. Also, SUNNYWORLD has united many sister factories to offer more medical products models. We are glad to receive your inquiries about any of these products.Since establishing our company, we have focused on quality improvement, appearance enhancement, new products, as well as research and development to meet competitive market demands. Now most of our products meet the international quality requirements, and we have received CE certification, ISO 9002 and FDA approval. Competitive pricing, superior quality, prompt delivery and excellent service ensures total customer satisfaction. OEM’s  are welcome and we are more than happy to accommodate to customers' requests. 

ADD: 11 Building, Xingda Road, Ruian, Zhejiang, China

TEL: +86-577-65917211

FAX: +86-577-65910855


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