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How to Examine Rabbits Ear with Otoscopes?

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How to Examine Rabbits Ear with Otoscopes?

Otoscopes is used to check the ear canals and eyes of animals. Professional otoscope used by doctors at pet hospitals are very expensive, and the cost of one inspection is also very high. Actually, we can buy a simple otoscope and we can check the rabbit at home. Do you know how to use it? What should we pay attention to in use?

 How to Examine Rabbits Ear with Otoscopes?


Why do lop ears need an otoscope?

The most troublesome for raising lop eared rabbits is that the ear canal is prone to otitis, external otitis and middle / inner otitis, especially in humid areas. Because the rabbit's large ears are tight and airtight, those who raise lop ears must be conscious of this. We recommend having a doctor check up regularly, and  owner should check themselves regularly on a daily basis.


If you do n’t have any equipment, you can only look in the place with good light. I think the 20+ otoscope is deeper than the naked eye, and the 200+ is deeper than the 20+. The otoscope in the doctor ’s hand can always see Eardrum. You should have a general understanding of the ear canal structure of the rabbit, no matter which type of otoscope can see the external ear canal.



How to check the rabbit with an otoscope?

When using an otoscope to inspect a rabbit, first try to relatively fix the rabbit. You can sit on a short stool and put the rabbit on your lap. The rabbit has no retreat, and your arms are blocking the rabbit on the left and right sides. When using an otoscope, whether it is a lop ear rabbit or a standing ear rabbit, hold the auricle with your left hand and lift it up so that the ear canal can be opened more and you can see deeper.


Observe once a week. If you find that the ear canal of the rabbit becomes moist, secretions increase, or even cheese-like white objects, or the ear canal wall color is red, you should seek medical treatment in time. Rabbit's normal earwax is yellow, and the ear canal wall is pink. If there is something abnormal, you need to find the cause.



Otoscope can also be used to see rabbit molars

Otoscope can inspect not only rabbit ear canals, but also molars. Parents are advised to check the incisors of rabbits once a week. The molars of rabbits are difficult to see. Don't try to open the rabbit's mouth. The rabbit's mouth is checked after anesthesia.


With otoscope, parents can regularly check their molars. During the inspection, the otoscope was extended into the entrance cavity from both sides of the incisor to find the molars. Observe the length of the molars, the presence of spurs and the color of the molars. Check regularly and make records.



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